Random Notes

►As you all know, our Cosplay Craft Theme is about to end this week. We have one more project to share that your kids will surely love. Right now, Milzon and I were busy preparing new set of art crafts. We do not have any specific or particular theme for this month. The picture on the left is just a glimpse of one of our art crafts to be shared on the second quarter of July. Want some hints? Okay here you go, I'll be sharing my first ever soap sculpture, we will make some cool game crafts, I will share some of my clay creation and a whole lot more. I might do a very special handy craft too.
►I just quit my tutorial job few days ago. Sad but i guess this is the best thing to do. I need to focus more on my freelance writing job that's why i have no choice but to give up my tutorial. Well, I didn't give it up completely, I can still teach those kids once in awhile especially if they have exams or heavy assignments. Teaching has always been my passion and if they need my service, I'll be there for them wholeheartedly.
► I know this may sound a little bit off the topic but i really don't mind discussing such matter here on this blog. I just came across one of the page of a health magazine yesterday morning which tackles about contraceptives and Personal lubricants ( ). I know the RH bill is still a hot and undying topic over here and I have mentioned before that I am one of those people who is opposing the said Reproductive Health Bill. I am not in favor for this simply because this bill will somehow make the abortion legal which is a big no no to me! But as for the contraceptive parts, it is definitely a different approach. It is a part of the so called "Family Planning". The use of condoms is not a mandatory thing after all. Limiting the number of kids will be all up to you but of course if you do not want to use contraceptives, please do consider your eligibility to support all your kids. It should also be a mutual decision between you and your partner that's why it is very important that you discuss such matter whether you guys are talking about trojan condoms or that swis navy lubricant being advertised online, you guys should agree to each other. It is not a laughing matter and has to be taken seriously. Aside from the Birth control (for the lack of the better term), these contraceptives promote safer sex too. The increasing case of those HIV or other Sexually Transmitted diseases in the country is somehow very alarming. The use of contraceptives is the key to protect you from any harm.
► This July 28, Our Little Corners will be celebrating its 3rd year Blogoversary. Please watch out for a very special post about our 3rd year anniversary yay!