The Impact of K-12 Education Program and Online Tutorials

Milzon is currently in grade 3 and time is really running so fast. It seems that it was just yesterday, when I am playing with y little brother, teaching him his alphabet and some set off words taken from the Dolch word list. It seems that he's going to spend more time in school now since the K-12 Program of the Department of Education has been implemented this year. This K-12 program aims to increase the quality of Education here in our country. The main purpose is to extend an addition two years of study in high school.
The two additional years in senior high are intended to provide students with specialized training in their area of interest, whether they hope to work after high school or pursue their college or vocational training. It is indeed a wonderful development in terms of "education" here in our country and I find it quite an impressive action from the government.
With the modern technology and advancement in each and every field today, I think it is very much appropriate for us to step up a little further.
In addition to this, I'm thinking of taking my brother to some tutorial programs to enhance his skills and knowledge. I was thinking of enrolling him to "Kumon" to learn those advanced Mathematics and reading educational method. I don't know yet if I can convince him though. But if ever I failed to encourage my brother, I might take an online tutor instead. I think he will be much more comfortable with the private tutoring sessions than attending regular tutorials every weekend. I guess that's very ideal for him. After all, what we need is a stable internet connection and we're all set to start!
How about you guys? Will you consider taking your child to an online tutorial sessions? And what is your view upon this K-12 program implemented by the DepEd recently? Feel free to share your thoughts.
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