Cursive Writing 101 : Cursive Letters E, F, and G

Hi guys, will share you another set of Milzon's writing. I'm just having a hard time helping Milzon to correct his "Henmanship" haha. LOL. I used to call it henmanship because he writes like a hen haha. But i'm sure, with continuous practice, he will soon learn how to write well.
Anyway, here's another batch of our cursive writing.
He did pretty well on his "E" but there were some erasures.
His "F" is like a nightmare LOL. He got confused with it which resulted to many erasures too. This one needs a lot of practice.
Anyway, after that horrible "F", he did well on his "G". Much neater than his "E". No erasures, just perfect! Cheers!
By the way remember Milzon's Assignment? I'm right! They had a spelling exam and guess what? Milzon got the highest score. Only him among all his classmates got the highest score. He scored 19/20 , making me sooooo proud... this calls for a celebration yay!

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