Mystic Warrior Head Gear and Warrior Bracelets

Finally! After 2 months of Hiatus, here's our very first Cosplay Project. Today, we're making Mystic Warrior Head Gear and Mystic Bracelets. To start, we need colored papers, card board, acrylic paint, glitter glue, and white glue.

First, get the right measure of their head. It should not be too wide and not too tight.

Make it at least 2 inch wide. Set aside.

Now make 2 curved patterns like this on your cardboard.

Attach the two curved patterns on both side of our head ring.

Paint it with White Acrylic Paint.
Now we have to cut 3 pairs of different patterns with different sizes. The one above is the Small-sized one.

The medium sized pattern.
The longest Pattern. Cover each patterns with your desired colored papers. Here we make use of green and light blue colored papers.

Attach the patterns using glue. The arrangement of patterns depends on you.

Now glue the colored patterns on the both sides of the head ring. Placed them oppositely to the first curved pattern that you just glued awhile ago.

It should looks like this.
Now add some details.

Make it glossy using glitter glue.

Tadah! Our Mystic Warrior Head Gear
Of course, having a head gear will not be enough if you will attend a cosplay party so let's make some accessories like the Mystic Bracelets! Get the measurement of his wrist.
Just cut 2 spiky patterns like this on your cardboard and cover them with your desired colored paper.
Glue the spiky patterns to your cylinder bracelets and you're done!

We're not yet done!! To make this costume complete, we will show you how to make Dragon Warrior Wings in our next entry! Happy Cosplaying!

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