Food Trip

I'm not really into bar hopping but if the restaurant offers delightful dishes and desserts, I just can't stop myself to try it. Today, i will be listing some of my favorite desserts from my favorite restaurants here in the Philippines.

I really love this 4 seasons Smoothies of Italianis!

Ice Vodka might be known for their liquors but i like their Choco fountain dessert the most!

Chow King's Halo Halo is absolutely the best!

Italian dishes are delightful

Max's desserts are simply irresistible.

Well, i wonder if i can travel outside the country and have the opportunity to taste other dishes being offered in some other places. If i will be given a chance, i will definitely try to check what kind of Restaurants Tigard, Oregon has to offer. I have heard about Hilltop Cafe from some of my friends and i really want to try their dishes. Happy Food trip everyone!

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