Unexpected Craft From Milzon

Last night, while i was about to transfer all my photos from my camera to my computer, I was very surprised to see these photos. It's Milzon making his own art project without any of my instructions. i used to be the one who instructing him what to do every time that we're making crafts and this one, he did it all by himself. Okay, so he used my camera without my permission which is a "No no" for me. Milzon is kinda clumsy and he used to break things just like what happened to my cellphone last year haha. Anyway, instead of feeling angry, i felt more of happiness after seeing his art work. He did exactly what we are doing! He presented the materials and took snap of the step by step procedure haha.

Okay so here we go. I actually don't know where did he get this idea. Milzon made a Warrior-like Mask. To start, we need cardboard, Scissors, Colored Pencil and lace.

Draw an oval shape on the card board and cut it out

Then make holes on the mid-upper part of the oval.

Wow and he's using ruler here haha. He's now drawing the details.

Putting the mouth.

Then adding more details to make it more colorful.. that's nice!

Then put the lace on both side.

Tadah@\! A Warriot Mask... I think...better ask him later ,,, about this... Cheers!

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