Sunday is Washing Day

Sunday is my Wash Day! Yup! Believe it or not, i do wash my own clothes and uniforms. I am very proud to say that our mom taught us how to become responsible. She let us do the house chores and make schedule for our wash day. Sunday is my day! This is the only day that i am free. No school, no work, definitely my rest day. To be honest, I hate washing clothes not just because it is very time consuming but also because of some of my embarrassing experiences on it.

(Washing Clothes)

I remember there was a time when i accidentally put bleaching liquid over the colored clothes which resulted into a horrible outcome. I also remember when we had some issue with the drainage system, when water overflew and the water started to enter our house. Good thing we have hired a plumber immediately to fix the problem. Well, at least, i have learned a lesson and we are so lucky we have hired someone like those plumber gresham, Oregon has. How about you guys? Do you set your own Washing Day?

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