Bathroom Makeover

We are planning to have a small bathroom makeover though we do not know when and how to start. We've heard that mirrors can make your bathroom look a bit wider and bigger. When it comes to tiles, it is said that it is better to choose tiles with lighter colors. Well, i guess we should change nothing with our current tiles that we have because i simply love it's cloudy design and it's very soothing and comfortable to the eyes.
If there is something in our bathroom that we should be paying more attention than the makeover, that would be the plumbing system. I noticed lately that the faucet drains a bit slow and the water that's coming from it is a bit cloudy in color which makes us really worried and we really suspect that there must be something wrong with the piping system and so we better start calling for a plumber. It would be great if we could find someone like the Plumber Portland Or has so that the plumbing issue can be fixed in no time. I have heard about them online and i saw a lot of good feedback for their company. I just wish we could find the same service here in the country.
Anyway, going back with the makeover thing, any suggestion guys?

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