Monitor Not Working Again!

I can't believe that it's happening again! My desktop monitor is not working again! A technician went here last weekend to fix it and now it's giving me the same issue. I really don't know what to do with this Monitor and i just can't deal with it anymore. I'm sure i will end up buying a new one. I spent so much for the repairs and now i have no choice but to buy a brand new computer monitor? Should i blame the monitor or the technician?
Anyway, i am so stressed lately because i attended series of event. First is the foundation day of our school in which i am one of those who was assigned to organize the party. Thanks God the event held very successfully.
My work is also starting to become very demanding too. I can't believe our boss is extending our working time and cutting off our morning vacant. And i guess it will be more stressing the next succeeding months because they are planning to assign me to other department.
Anyway, watching tv used to be my stress reliever. Every time i watch my favorite tv show, it takes all my worries and stress away. I guess with all these hard work, i deserve something for my self. Buying a brand new LCD TV would be a great treat. I really want to have a Flat Screen TV. Most of my friends are buzzing about it which makes me really eager to buy one. I have read a lot of positive feedback about the product and how satisfy they are for having an LCD TV at home. I wonder how great would it be to watch my favorite tv shows in high definition. It will sure give me the greatest tv experience ever.

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