Tangled Chameleon Puppet Stick

Here we go! Just like what i said, starting today, we will post series of Puppet Stick Art projects inspired from the film "Tangled". The first character in our list would be Chameleon. He has been the only friend of Rapunzel.

To start, simply draw a Chameleon on a card board. If you can't draw, you can ask someone to sketch it for you are you can simply trace it from a poster or a book.

We will use Water Color as our medium.

(Milzon busy painting the Chameleon)

Tadah! Now let it dry first.

Now add some details like the googly eye.

Now get a stick ( a barbecue stick or a craft stick will do). Glue the Chameleon on the stick and let it dry.

Bingo! You'll have your Chameleon Puppet Stick

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Alice Law said...

Well done, Juan Juan will definitely love this since she likes Pascal so much!