Mother Gothel Puppet Stick

We're down to our second to the last project for this month. We're done with Pascal, maximus and Flynn. This time, we're making Mother Gothel Puppet Stick.

First, i drew a bald Mother Gothel on the card board. (you'll find out why we should draw her bald)

I used color pencils for her.

Get black yarn and cut small pieces from it.

Simply untwist each yarns and you will have this curly hair effect for Mother Gothel.

and one more thing, SHE IS NOT DIANA ROSS huh hahahaha
Place her on a stick and you'll have Mother Gothel Puppet Stick
Hope you like it!
Rapunzel is next! We're doing the same procedure so prepare yellow yarn for her.

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Alice Law said...

I love your mother Gothel, it's very nice!^-^ Have a great weekend!