Valentines Day Cards

Sorry guys we're late. This project was actually scheduled last February 14 but we all went out and i failed to publish this entry. But it's better late than never right? So here's Milzon and Mirasol making their own Valentines Card.
Milzon made a Rectangular shape card.

Just simply fold the colored paper into half then start adding some details. Milzon cut out some small hearts and placed them in every corner.

After that, he made arrow.

Here's what he has inside his Valentines Card. Since he is not yet familiar with the right spelling of Happy Valentines, i am the one who wrote it for him.


Now it's Mirasol's turn. She made a Heart Shape Valentine Card.
Place two white heart cut outs at the center of each heart.

Then add the details. Mirasol make use of pink sequence for her design.

Than add red ribbon at the center.

We grab a Valentines Day quote online and write it down.

Belated Happy Valentines Day!

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