So Upset

It's been another busy and stressing week. Do you also feel upset every time that things doesn't go exactly as what you have planned? I am a sticky note boy and i used to have an organizer with me to keep myself on track. I give all my best to accomplish everything on a certain day. My job is starting to become more demanding lately and my bosses are trying to monitor my moves to see how productive I am as their employee. I am a contractual employee and this is my last month if ever they are not satisfied with my work. Well, I know I did my best so i have no reason to worry. It doesn't really matter if i will be regularized or not, i had fun working with my colleagues and that's something i can treasured forever.
Anyway, the reason why i am so upset is because Milzon, Mirasol and I were actually planning to make art projects last week but we failed to make one because of my busy work. They moved me into a new working schedule and i simply can't bear with it. Thanks God tomorrow is an official non working holiday in commemoration with the 25th Anniversary of the EDSA People Power Revolution. We will definitely grab this opportunity to make art projects to be featured next month here in my blog.
Right now i am so stressed and i really need some rest. Good thing i was able to download casino mobile games. Games like these used to be my stress reliever whether it's a mobile or computer game, i really enjoy playing casinos. Good thing there are casino games for mobiles now in which i can access wherever i go. It's perfect to keep me away from getting bored (especially during seminar sessions with our bosses). I have heard that we will have a 3-day Seminar this coming March which means, i should start searching cool casino for iphone and download as many games as i can because this seminar will be as boring as the previously held seminar in our office.Sobs.

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