Replacing my Desktop

Yay! I got my new laptop last week though it is not yet open for wireless connection because I don't have any wireless card adapter yet. I might visit a computer shop this weekend. I'm really excited for it. It is not as high tech as those modern laptops but still great enough to support my online works. Though this doesn't mean that I will be leaving my old Desktop computer. As a matter of fact, i am much prefer to use my Desktop computer because it has larger capacity and I can do a lot of stuffs in it than my what my laptop can offer. However, it seems that my desktop computer is quite old and very outdated already because I keep on experiencing Internet issues lately.
Just like last night, I was surprised to encounter a serious error in my Windows, giving me no chance to access my Desktop. I am grateful enough to have a friend who is a technician who offered me his help for free. As far as I my technical knowledge is concern, my friend reformatted my PC to eliminate that serious error. However, as a consequence, all my files has been removed from my hard drive and there seems to be no way for me to recover them since I failed to save some back up copies of those files.
Anyway, it doesn't really matter to me now, having my computer back to it's normal condition is the most important thing. I am working as an online freelance writer so I really need my computer badly. My friend told me that it is advisable to replace my old desktop to a new one. He told me to buy bare bones pc because it will help me to save more money than buying a brand new and complete computer package. I have nothing to worry about assembling the barebone computer because my friend is willing to do it for me.
I might check it online to see some great deals. For the mean time, i will just bear with this old desktop and wait for my wireless adapter card to arrive in order to make my laptop work.

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