New Job Opportunity

I am really quite busy lately and there are so many things to be done. Aside from my online job, i am now seeking for a new job opportunity. I failed to attend my scheduled job interview yesterday but I didn't do it intentionally. I failed to wake up early and I missed the given schedule to me. I tried to call them and they said asked me to set my own schedule to the most convenient time i have. Of course I didn't tell them that the reason behind my postponed interview is because I woke up late. It's a big mark down for me if ever (sigh). Anyway, they moved the schedule this Wednesday and I hope I can make it this time because they can never give me another chance for sure.
I was able to process my NBI clearance and all I need to do now is to fix my Income Tax Return. To be honest, I really find this thing quite complicated and I don't even know how to prepare my own taxes haha. Calculating those figures will definitely gives me headache. I just hate Math you now haha.
But then again, taxes should be paid and it is a responsibility that every individual should fulfill. I might consider using those online software for income tax preparation or get a Bookkeeping service to help me out.
I might hit Pasig City this Monday. I was last registered there and I have to transfer my registry to another BIR branch. Wish Me luck guys!

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