Choosing Tiles For her House

These pictures were taken a year ago and I'm happy I was able to save them hehe. Anyway, these pictures were taken when I was helping my Auntie in choosing the right tile for her house. She was actually renovating her house that time and it just so happened that I was staying with her so I tried to help. We ended up choosing ceramic tiles because this is the only bestmaterial that suits her budget well.

She picked this rosy pick tiles for her Kitchen countertop. Well, I would rather pick granite finishing actually but ceramic tiles wasn't that bad after all. Though I'm not really sure about the quality and how durable it is. They said that granite is much better because it is resistant to any stain or scratches and obviously beautiful and glossy but it is quite expensive and she's afraid her budget wouldn't make it.

This one was used for her Bathroom floor.

While this one is for her terrace. I actually find it cute and it turned out great for her terrace and I think we just made a right decision for it. But if ever we're given a chance to change something that would be the kitchen countertop, she should have use marble or granite instead.

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