last friday our team went out to rocki'n off some party
we went to a place they called GST??
i wasnt so familiar with the exact name but just dont mind it
maybe i was just to excited due to this was my first time to go out with them

we started off with our meal which i admit those foods are simply perfect especially as "pulutan" lol
then they started to throw some jokes which made up the party not so bored
they teased each other so as the sexy servers haha

and ma'am Mitch together with sir Tiu started to sing a duet song in the video oke
then followed by ma'am Che
then Ma'm May and his boyfriend make a duet song followed by the others

if you think evrybody will be serious as they were singing well here's a jolly guy who ruined and broke up the silence
as he hold up th mic and dedicated his song to our Former Team member Ma'm Aquella

see how Gervie enjoy and get so serious with his novelty song lol

its not just Gervie who reigned off the stage but here's another guy who make as laugh and laugh..its Azriel who sang so.......so........harsh hahaha
well we enjoyed and i enjoyed every seconds ive spent there

i may not be as jolly as them but deep within i really had so much fun with this team

hopefully our upcoming Sport fest offered us much fun

have a great blogging day!!!

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MousieDiary said...

its so nice to come to ur newest blog...
well im hoping that u always update this...
and im wishing all success for ur careers..ahehehehe...