Christmas Wish List

Hi guys, since we only have 8 days left before the much awaited Christmas, I guess it is the perfect time for me to make my own wish list for Christmas. Well, Again, this is just a wish list so meaning to say, there is no assurance that I will get all of them this year. But I hope so….
Anyway, here’s my wish list…
1. I want to receive a special signature shirt from my Auntie who is working abroad.
2. I hope mom and dad will replace my old and bulky desktop into a brand new flat screen monitor.
3. I wish that my Uncle James will send a special Rolex Watch to me. I just went online yesterday and had a chance to see some cool and stylish Authentic Rolex watches over And now I want to have one. I chat with my Uncle early this morning and asking me what would I like to receive this Christmas and I told him about the watches… I just wish he could send one to me.
4. I wish everybody is in good health and I wish we are all complete this Christmas celebrating the Christmas Eve.

Well I know Christmas is more than just buying and exchanging gifts. It is more than just any material things… We have to keep in our mind that we celebrate this very special occasion to pay tribute to the day when Jesus Christ was born.

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