The Bangenges

Here comes the high light of the Parade. Bangenge are like giant mascots. They are purely made out of used papers. The Bangenge parade is open for all who is interested to participate. Here are the Bangenge entries for this year's Lantern Parade.

A dragon?

Tinkerbell is the best Bangenge for me... It was neatly done and it's very cute too..

An alien i guess.... Just don't know where anime this character came from..

It's Pong Pagong (Pong the Turtle), the main character from the Philippine adaptation of Sesame's Street

We first thought that this is Pikachu from Pokemon but according to these kids.. it was actually a Koala bear..

Four Arms from Ben 10

Cute Little Spongebob..

Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy


Spider Man

I love this one too... it's Monkey D Luppy from anime One Piece

Cactus From Plants Versus Zombies

Alien from Ben 10

Cockroach from the cartoon Ogie and the Cockroaches..

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Alice Law said...

I like the cactus, so cute! All were beautiful, thanks for sharing!^-^