My Favorite Games

I love playing video games whether it’s online, offline, or simply those games I play using my PSP. I can say that I am a certified Game critic too especially when it comes to Role Playing Games. I really focus more not into action but into the main story line. If the story is great, then expect me to download the game or buy it from the nearest game shop. Let me share you Four of my favorite games.
Resident Evil. I love Resident evil because of the great story line up. The series is so amazing and my favorite playable characters are Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield. I also like the charcter of Ada Wong and Rebecca Chambers. The game offers not just suspense and horror but also it will challenge you how well you are in solving those challenging and mind-breaking puzzles.

Pokemon. Okay! Call me childish or whatever but I really love this game. I just love how the gme works. The graphics might not that good but the challenge of surviving and catching Pokemons will definitely thrill you up! It’s not boring too!

Plants versus Zombies. I believe that the man behind this game is very creative and has a wide imagination. Who would have thought that Zombies can be defeated by plants and plants can protect you from these brain eaters! This is a kind of game that you will surely love to play over and over again!

Mega Moolah! No it’s not a puzzle game. This mega moolah is actually an online slot machine game but compare to other slot machine games, mega moolah has five reels which makes it a little bit more challenging compare to other microgaming casinos. It has a Jungle theme which makes it more interesting to play. You can check some jackpot guide to maximize your chances of winning.

How about you guys? What are your favorite games? Do we have something in common? Feel free to share your thoughts. Have a great day and happy blogging!.

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