My Disappointment and my Future Plans

Yay! Finally, i was able to visit this blog again. Sorry guys for being so inactive lately. You do not have any idea how guilty i am right now. My job is killing most of my blogging time and I can hardly find time to blog hop as well. This is very disappointing in my part despite of the back that i should be thankful because i finally have a new job. However, as a consequence, me and my little brother do not have much time to do some art crafts. How I wish i can have more time to spend with my little brother but my schedule is simply killing me.
As you all know, we already have a new blog dedicated for our crafts but until now, it is till not updated sobs.... Anyway, i have to catch things up and I have to manage my time well. As a matter of fact, Milzon and I were planning to visit Manila Ocean Park this month and I promised to take him to StarCity as well.
Manila Ocean Park is an oceanarium located at the Rizal Park behind the Quirino Grandstand. The oceanarium is divided in sections specifically designed to showcase the marine life seldom seen at close range. It comes with diving and snorkeling services that allows you to explore the water without the need to travel to different islands. Very interesting indeed and me and my brother is so excited to hit this place. I will definitely bring the camera with me and will buzz about our trip for sure.
We are also planning to attend a paintball event this coming September. It will be organized by our city government. Though we will not play the actual game, we will still witness the event live. I am not really sure if each participants is required to have their own paintball gun and own uniform or it will be provided by the organizers. Actually I saw a very cool tippmann paintball gun online yesterday and I think it is very ideal to have it in this game. How I wish we could join this event.
This Paintball event is being held to our place once a year so it's pretty exciting to witness such a rare event here in our area. It is pretty in demand you know. I saw some events in Makati as well and almost everyone is into it nowadays. Okay, now I am so eager to try it.. sigh..

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