We Have Made a Wrong Decision

This is the material that we currently have for our Kitchen. We make use of Ceramic tilesfor both our lavatory and Kitchen countertop. Judging the material base on its appearance, I can say nothing against it. We are very satisfied with the outcome and we're really thankful to the worker who took care of our Kitchen renovation. The renovation was held last year and I can tell you how stressing it was because we had to move all the furniture from one place to another and then we had to place them back after.
However, months after the renovation, we started to realized how hard it is to maintain the ceramic tiles. Dirt are being trapped in each corner and they are very hard to be removed unless we use a specialize bleaching solution. We also noticed that the colors are starting to fade, losing its original appearance.
I can actually deal with the dirt and the discoloration but the only thing I dislike about ceramic is its extremely low durability. It is very frustrating to see some cracks in some of our tiles simply because a strong force is being applied to it. Countertop is the highlight of any kitchen and it's pretty sad to see that the appearance of it is being ruined because we have chosen a wrong material. We should have used Granite or Marble instead like those marble san francisco Countertops in California being offered Marble City, a well known granite and marble countertops manufacturer. They have been in the industry for quite a long time and is being patronized by many costumers already because of their amazing service.
We should have choose a good material our Kitchen.

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With a number of natural stone fabricators willing to offer the improved applications on the counter top the brushed and leather finish kitchen countertops are becoming more and much more well-liked. With granite undoubtedly being the first choice for kitchen.