Risk Free Business

I really wanted to start my own business but It seems that i don't have enough courage and confidence to do that. I am aware about the risks and the responsibilities and I know the only way to find out if I will be successful in such field or not is to try it.
Interestingly, I have found this Risk free business in which they called "Import -Export" trading. Here, you just have to import goods from foreign country and sell them in a very profitable yet reasonable price. I know a lot of friends who is in this kind of business and they're doing pretty well on it. I might consider trying this business too but before that, I want to seek some expert advices first.
Or better yet, I will download Perry Belcher's Import Export Book. Perry Belcher is a respectable entrepreneur and a veteran China Importer. He has been in the industry for quite a long time and now, he is sharing his blessings by giving out effective tips and ideas on how to become a successful trader through his eBook which is now downloadable at Amazon.com.
I am really intrigued with this book and I am so eager to know more about this business. I've been looking for a perfect business for a long time and I might find it in the nature of this Import Export Trading Industry! yay!

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