Checking the Roof Before Rainy Season

Time really run out so fast don't you think? It seems that it was just yesterday when my family and I were planning to hit the beach and enjoy the summer and now we have to bear with these heavy rainfalls and series of typhoons. Christmas is quickly approaching too which added more stress because there are so many preparations to do. Well, honestly, i don’t mind dealing with the rainy season, I love it actually, however, rainy season is like the most challenging part of our life too. There are so many things to do before the the rainy season arrives. We have to keep ourselves safe from the threat of the typhoons.We have to check the roof and trace any holes if any.
We have to check every single details of our house, from the roof down to the basement just to make sure that we will not encounter any issues when a super typhoon comes. We do not want another Ondoy to damage our properties so we secure all our things especially during this season.
They said that we will still have the same number of typhoons to come this year but the only difference is, they are much stronger which worries me a lot.
We might have to replace our old roof and hire professional Roofers to handle the job. Currently, we are using Galvanized Iron Sheets for our roof which is probably the most common and the most affordable type of roofing available. It is very inexpensive indeed but it is very prone to rust and leaks too so it tend to be replaced over and over again compare to other materials.

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