Here's another Popsicle Stick Project! This will be the 3rd out of 6 Popsicle Project for this month. Today will show you how to make a Popsicle Stick Lantern.

We need Popsicle Sticks, Colored paper, Glue Gun, Bulb, Socket, Cord (about one yard), and a plug.

The Lantern has three parts. The Head, The body and the Base.
Lay out the popsicle sticks on the colored paper.
You should form four squares like this.
Let the glue dry and set them aside first.

Make a square base with about 3 popsicle stick high.
Then layout the popsicle stick on it to serve as the platform.

Now ask someone to fix the bulb and the cord for you. You can also buy those ready made one.
Then place the bulb in the platform by gluing the socket. Set it aside.

Make a pyramid using the popsicle sticks.
You should form something like this.


Cut the excess papers. Fold them to form a box.
Then glue the Head, the body and the base together.

Here's the finish Product

Here's how will it looks like when being lighted.


Jackie said...

really cool...hope you get some sleep. you were among the first commenters and got some linky love.

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Sweet dreams!

Jackie said...

Well this is just marvelous. I am so glad you decided to do this.

I have already dropped my 300 cards for the day so I can't drop on you until tomorrow.

Try to drop on as many cards as you can. The secret is to find the ones that always or nearly always drops back on you.

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Best of luck...you guys have a lot to offer!

Anonymous said...

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