Rabbit Lantern

I just can't show the step by step illustration of our rabbit because it is quite complicated and it has so many details.

Using a copper wire we hold it and shape it like a rabbit. This will serve as the frame or the skeleton.

Then we cover it with japanese Paper to make it transluncent from the inside.

We cut small pieces of Japanese paper to make it looks like fur.

Adding more colors will make the rabbit more appealing.

Then we added small pen lights. We didn't use candle because it is quite risky.

Here i made a small wagon decorated by Poinsettia flowers to make it more Christmassy!

Then add some colordul details in the rabbit. We used pink for the ears, added carrots and reading glass.

And give him santa hat too!

The Rabbit lantern is actually worth P250- 300. And has one light only.
Here are the Items that we used and their prices
Copper Wire P25
10 pcs assorted Japanese Papers P20
Glue P15
2 Pen lights P40
3 Red Blinkers P15
the rest are recycled
All in all we spent P120

I will post about the Lantern Parade in my next post


fiel-kun said...

Whee!!!! ang cute naman ng lantern parade na yan pati ung mga chikitng! XD

Alice Law said...

So cute!^-^


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