Popsicle Stick Jewelry Box

This is the second to the last project for this month. I will make a Jewelry Box out of Popsicle Sticks

To start, we need popsicle sticks and Glue sticks

We also need a material that is strong enough for our base. Here we used a vinyl tile.

We will be making an Octagon shape box. So we lay out the sticks octagonally on the vinyl tile and cut the excess from the tile.

Continue to glue the sticks until you have reached your desired height. Set it aside first.

For the cover... layout the sticks again octagonally but this time, without the vinyl tile.

glue the Sticks together and form a pyramid.

Should look something like this...

Cover the remaining open space and add anything on the top to serve as the handle. Here we make use of heart shaped gem.

Cut a small piece of carton and fold it into half.

Glue it between the cover and the box.

(on the inner view)

Add some details... put lace on the side to make it more appealing.

The popsicle sticks will automatically resembles leaf shape when doing a pyramid style

There you go... A Popsicle Stick Jewelry Box.


Jackie said...

Chop Chop BD!!:-)

Jackie said...

Love the box...really cool....and something is wrong with your EC widget.

It won't load so I can't drop!!
Happy day!

Alice Law said...

It looks complicated, but really nice!^-^

Kian Ann said...

Nice Work~ may i know where i can buy the popsicle sticks?

Unknown said...

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