Popsicle Stick Toy Train

Finally, we went down to our last project for this month. Today, we will make Popsicle Stick Toy Train.

To start, we need different color craft sticks, laces, Styrofoam, and glue.

Layout the stick...

Glue a pair of stick on the side (take note! you have to keep the two sticks at least 3-5 millimeters away from each other.

Do the same thing on the other side (done with the base)
For the walls, make it at least 3 popsicle stick high...

Make 2 pairs of walls; the long one and the short one

Usging glue gun, start gluing the walls to our base.

Should be something like this!

For the wheels, cut a circle from the Styrofoam and put a lace around it. make four wheels!

Now connect each wheels using a stick.

Place the stick on the mini space that we left awhile ago at the bottom part of our base

lock the wheels using small pieces of craft sticks

Get a thin copper wire and twist it using a plier

The first copper wire should be twisted like this and should be places at the back of our train

The other one should be twisted like this (forming a hook) and should be placed at the front.

Should have something like this! (done with one of the compartments)

Make as many as you want and make it more colorful too!

For the head of our train... just put 4 popsicle sticks in an upright position in each corner.

Make the roof and the front cover..

Add some details and there you go! A Popsicle Stick Toy Train

Milzon and his Playmate Kurt

Tsoo! Tsooo! Time to play!


Alice Law said...

This is such a wonderful toy train! the toy passengers are drop dead cute too, you didn't show us how to make it?!;D

Alice Law said...

I'mm sorry, I found you have posted it here already!;D



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