Halloween Wall Decors : Spiders and Web

Here comes our last art project for this month of November. To complete our Halloween theme, we will be making a Halloween Wall Decor using a black colored paper and a cotton.
Cut a pea-like shape from a black colored paper. This will serve as the body and the head of our spider

Draw and cut the legs

Attach the legs at the back of the body.

Add some details like the eyes and the pupils.

Spread some cotton on the wall and form it like a web. Attached them using a tape or a pin.

Happy Halloween! We will reveal the new set of projects for Christmas soon. Thanks for stopping by in our art corner! Have a great day and happy blogging!

Halloween Hanging Decors : Frankenstein, Pumkin Head and Vampire Bat

This will be our second to the last project this November. We will be making Halloween Hanging Decorations which is very appropriate to do with your kids especially this upcoming Halloween. To start with, we need Art Papers (green, orange and black), card board, crepe paper (any color), bond paper, Any circle object (will serve as your pattern), electrical tape if any (you can also use the ordinary tape, glue, scissors, pentel pen, pencil, and thread.

Using any circular object, Draw a circle on the card board.
Frankenstein Head

Cut it!

Do the same process on the green art paper.

Glue the art paper on the card board.

Cut a hair like figure from the black colored paper.

Glue it on the upper part of the art paper. This will serve as the hair of our Frankenstein.

Cut 2 semi circle shapes from the bond paper (will serve as eyes) and 2 small rectangular shapes from the black colored paper( will serve as eyebrows).

Glue them on their proper location.

Add more details including the pupils and the mouth.

Okay we're done with the head.

Now cut the crepe paper into strips

Tape it on the back of the head.

Flip it up and here's what you get!
Tape the thread at the back. Make it at least 8- 10 inches long.

Pumpkin Head

Do the same procedure as what we did on the Frankenstein head.

Cut a triangular eye-like shape from the black colored paper.

Make a Scary mouth like this.

Place them appropriately on the pumpkin head.

Add some details like the pupils to make the pumpkin more alive.

Cut a leaf-like shape from the green art paper.

Add more details to our pumpkin.

Do the same step as what we did on the Frankie head.

Vampire Bat

Do the same step on the card board and on the black art paper.

Cut a pair bat wings like this from the black colored paper.
Add a pair of White oblong shaped eye.

Cut a Fang-like shape from the white bond paper.

Paste them on their proper location and add some details like the pupil. (smaller oblong)

Add a pair of eyelids (semi-oblong shape)

Do the same step on the crepe paper and on the thread.

Tadah! Hang it anywhere you like! Hope you enjoy our today's art project! Have a great day and happy blogging!

5th Wedding Anniversary

I went one of my friend's blogs and saw a very sweet post entry of her. According to her recent post, she and her hubby is celebrating their fifth wedding anniversary. It is so sweet to know that his hubby gave her a very expensive bag as his anniversary gift. She also gave a new wallet in exchange. I wish i could marry a very special girl and we will be the happiest couple ever. She also shared some of her wedding photos. She is from Malaysia and the wedding is done in a traditional Malaysian way.I find the wedding quite interesting and intriguing in some ways, making me wonder how exactly this Malaysian Wedding Tradition works and how does it differs from a normal wedding. It seems that they hired an expert wedding photographer too because they got very nice shots of their wedding. I would like to grab this opportunity to greet my friend Seemu and her hubby a happy 5th Wedding anniversary! Best Wishes!

Sea Shells Wind Chime

Today, I will be making a wind chime out of empty perfume bottle and sea shells.

Make a hole in each shells using a hammer and a nail.

Hole should be big enough to insert our yarn.

Insert the yarn into the hole. Make a knot to tie the shell securely. Do the process repeatedly. 3 - 4 shells per yarn is good enough.

Now make at least 3 set of yarn with shells.

Tie the yarns in a stick and they should be at least one inch away from each other.

Twist the copper wire around the empty perfume bottle and attach 2 - 3 shells on it. Also, make a hook using the copper wire.

Hang it on your door, balcony or terrace..! hehe