Halloween Head Gear : Shrek Costume

Hey guys, today, we will be sharing another Head gear project. We're done with animal costume and creepy/spooky costume, now we will be making an Animated/ Cartoon Character costume. Shrek is one of Milzon's favorite animated character that's why we decided to make this very simple Ogre Shrek-like head gear. Have fun! To start with, we need two balloon holders, head band, and a drinking straw (the big one). Much preferably green colored balloon holders and straw.
Cut the straw into half.
Using a glue gun, attach the balloon holder in the straw.
Tadah! Use the glue gun to attach the straws onto the headband.

And there you have it! A Shrek like Head gear. Match it with green hooded shirt and brown vest to imitate the real Shrek hehe
In my next entry, it is my younger sister who will be sharing her projects to us. See yah!

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Alice Law said...

You lil brother looks great with the shrek heard gear on him! He is very good at posing!^-^