Halloween Head Gear: Mouse Ears and Mouse Nose

Starting today, my brother, my sister and i will show you series of projects related to Halloween and just like what you've seen in my post (here), you will noticed that we need a "headband" in 4 out of the 7 projects i presented. The main reason why we need headband for these projects is because we will be doing Halloween costume head gears. Well, if you will attend to a Halloween costume party, costumes can be classified into different categories like Animal costumes, Creepy and spooky, fairy costumes, anime or cartoon character costumes and more. And today, my brother Milzon and I will show you how to make an animal costume head gear. (we will be doing Mouse ears in particular). To start with, we need card board, brown colored paper, scissors, glue or glue gun, and pen.
1. First, draw 2 arcs on the cardboard.

2. Cut them and set aside.

3. At the back of the colored paper, draw again 2 arcs but make it smaller than the first 2 arcs you cut from the card board.

4. Glue the 2 smaller arcs to the bigger arcs.

5.Now this will serve as the mouse ears

6. Fold each ears about half an inch at the bottom part(opposite the curve part).

7. Using glue gun, glue the mouse ears on the headband.

8. Since it is a mouse costume, it will be great to match our mouse ears to a mouse nose.

9. Draw and cut a circle from the cardboard.

10. Cut the radius of the circle, making it like a cone shape.

11. Make it firm using a stapler.

12. Draw a small arc an the rear part of the mouse nose, so that the wearer can breathe inside.

13. Look for a garter and staple it in both ends on the mouse nose. You can also make use of the rubber bands.

Tadah! here's our finished project.

If you have a brown color hooded shirt, that would be great to make this costume complete..
Thanks for joining us today! til next time.


Alice Law said...

Simple and nice project! I think even withut the hood, your lil bro will look adorably sweet!^-^

Have a wonderful weekend! Looking forward for more craft project!

Merryn said...

SOoooooooooo CUTE! I'll feature this too :D Thank you

Caroline Ng May Ling said...

very cute!! i likey!

Fida Abbott said...

Ha, ha,...you're so creative. I really enjoy reading your presentation.

Tom Sower said...

wahaa ang cute ni Milzon