5th Wedding Anniversary

I went one of my friend's blogs and saw a very sweet post entry of her. According to her recent post, she and her hubby is celebrating their fifth wedding anniversary. It is so sweet to know that his hubby gave her a very expensive bag as his anniversary gift. She also gave a new wallet in exchange. I wish i could marry a very special girl and we will be the happiest couple ever. She also shared some of her wedding photos. She is from Malaysia and the wedding is done in a traditional Malaysian way.I find the wedding quite interesting and intriguing in some ways, making me wonder how exactly this Malaysian Wedding Tradition works and how does it differs from a normal wedding. It seems that they hired an expert wedding photographer too because they got very nice shots of their wedding. I would like to grab this opportunity to greet my friend Seemu and her hubby a happy 5th Wedding anniversary! Best Wishes!

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