A Beyonce Fan

I remember when i was in high school; i keep onm collecting posters and cds from my favourite RnB group, Destiny’s Child! I started to love RnB because of them that is why i felt quite disappointed after their group disbanded. Beyonce who is the lead vocals for Destiny’s Child went solo and her decision to start her own career as a solo performer didn’t fail her. She is now a multi Grammy awardee and has won several awards from different music organization like VMA and Brit and more. It was in year 2003 when her career boom to success after topping the charts in the US with her singles “Crazy in Love” and “Baby Boy”. The public also got interested with her personal life. She was happily married to Jay Z. There are rumors spreading online that Beyonce is now pregnant. The singer denies the issue but as we look back, Beyonce also denied her secret marriage to Jay Z at first but later revealed it to the public. So for me, Beyonce is really pregnant and she just denies it. I tried to check some Voting site to see if i am not the only one who strongly believes that Beyonce is pregnant. Well, i found out that most voters at voteroll.com are in favor with me as well. Well, let’s just wait Beyonce to reveal the truth behind this issue.

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