Recycled Candle

We will be making a recycled candle. Take note! never let your kids do this project on their own. If you have some old or used candles at home, this can be recycled again and make it more appealing than before. Every All Saints Day, I remember My brother and I collected some candle wax as we go to my Grandma's cemetery to pray for her souls. This is my inspiration on making this project and relate it to Halloween.
Chop or crash the candles. Place it in a pan and melt in on the stove.
Have a plastic container, strong enough to hold the hot wax. This will serve as out molder. Before pouring the wax, place a thick tread at the middle. make use of a stick to hold the thread.
Take it out from the molder and carve some designs if you want.
Add some details too to make it more appealing.
Tadah, you can know use this candle as a display on the top of your coffee table.

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Alice Law said...

LOL! Another resourceful craft, does this candle has good smell like incense?