Gift Box Christmas Tree Hanging Decor

Today, we will be making another Christmas Tree Hanging Decor. This time, we will make a miniature Gift Boxes.

To start, we need Card board, colored papers, Laces and ribbons, Scissors, Ruler, pencil, Glue, Glue gun.

First, draw a pattern like this on the card board.Cut the pattern and fold them to make a cube or dice.

Make as many as you want.

Now, Wrap the Dice with a colored Paper. (Just imagine that you are wrapping an actual gift)

Then Place ribbon around the box.

The ribbon will make it looks like an exact replica of a real gift box.

Cut a small piece of lace, ribbon or yarns and glue it on one of the corner of the box. This will serve as it its hanger.

There you go, hang it on your Christmas Tree and presto! A Miniature Gift Box Christmas Tree Hanging Decor.

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