Toy Giraffe

Remember the "Guess the Remaining Project" post? Today, we will reveal one of them. We Will make Toy Giraffe today out of an empty match box and drinking straws.

To start, we need one empty match box, one bendable straw, one ordinary drinking straw, Yellow, black and brown poster paint and a pair of Googly eyes

Glue the bendable straw on one side of the match box

Cut four drinking straws for about 2 - 2.5 inches high. These will serve as the legs of our Giraffe.

Be careful with the Glue Gun!

Now cut a small piece of cardboard and attach it on the tip of the bendable straw. This will serve as the head.

Start painting it with White poster paint as the primary coat. Having white as the base color will make other paints more bright and glossy.

Let it dry and then start painting it with yellow.

Now add the details including the spots, the ears and the eyes.

Tadah! We're Done!

1 comment:

Alice Law said...

Well done! Another masterpiece... wow, Milzon can even use glue gun, impressing! I love especially the giraffe bushy tail and spots!^-^


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