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I am not a techie guy but I can say that I am a certified Internet Savvy and I used to spend most of  my time browsing the web whether it has something to deal with my work or not . Internet is indeed a powerful tool which can be very useful especially if you need some information that seems nowhere to be found even if you manually search for them in a library . As a freelance web writer, I have to deal mainly on the web , navigate thoroughly or review certain sites to gather factual information for my articles. I do have sources or references of course and I used to visit them not just once but several times a week. This is the reason why i used to bookmark them because Internet is just TOO wide for me to remember all those sites' addresses. Browsers do have their own bookmarking features but of course, there's no assurance that you can save them permanently because you might encounter some serious browser issues in the future (or even software or hardware failures), that will require you to reinstall them in which you will lose everything. Good thing there's clipix, a user-friendly online tool that helps you organized your bookmarks or clippings. It's very convenient to use actually because i just have to "clip" a website and it will be automatically saved in my very own "personalized" clipboards.


It's very easy to sign up and no forms to be filled here, as long as you have either Facebook or Twitter account, then you can start clipping sites right away. It's very ideal for a blogger like me who used to visit several blogs daily. I can clip their sites and access them straight through my Clipboards. What makes it more interesting is your ability to categorize your clippings and share them with your friends through social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.


They do have Syncboards too In short, you if you found something interesting, then "Clip it" and share them with your friends just like what Tim and I did yesterday in which we're discussing about this book that is to be released this coming February 28.


I clipped the site immediately to check for some latest updates and reviews from my fellow book lovers. Anyway, i had so much fun using Clipix and I know I will be using it more often from now on.

In Addition to that, Clipix has an iPhone App which makes it possible for you to clip any sites , anytime and anywhere. Oh well, if you're still confused on how Clipix works, then better watch this video below for further clarification LOL.

Interesting right? Well, feel free to sign up and use Clipix and don't forget to share us your experiences of using it! Look, even my younger brother is into Clipix as well and it's not really surprising why he came up with this Anime-filled Clipboard haha.


Clip it!

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