Adam Lambert as the 8th amrican idol?

Are you a big fan of American Idol?
well you might be very familiar with this talented guy.
At first i though the competition is quite exciting and the winner will be very unpredictable until Adam Lambert shown his consistent high level performances that amazed the judges.
Its true that there is a big tendency that Adam will make it to the finals but thenm again if we will recall the previous season David Archuleta received consistent good criticism and comments from the judges and as then David Cook won. But then let see how the other contestant will prove and show that they deserve to be on that number one spot as the American idol




the donG said...

with a very busy schedule this year, i dont have enough time for AI. even the replays. good that i get to see updates from blogs. thanks for dropping by eskapo.

Umma said...

I voted for Adam Lambert.. the first time I heard him singing the Black or White I fell in love with his versatile voice.

I guess, you cannot compare him to David Archuleta bec the caliber of Adam is way too far for comparison. Looks wise.. Adam is way too good looking too.

I was rooting for David Cook actually and I never like David A.. he sings so boring for me.

Only in my opinion.