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Its time to award now my Top Ten Active Commentators
thank you so much

TOP 1: ANNEBERLY OF Beyond rave reality (200 ec)

TOP 2: JENNY OF Our Love Story

TOP 3: GAGAY OF Walking Newspaper (100 ec)

My Photo

TOP 4: ALLISON OF Old time greatest star


TOP 5: ANGELBABY OF Your caring angels (100 ec)

TOP 6:LYNN OF my so called life (100 ec)

TOP 7: FAISAL ADMAR OF LIfe is to short to be ordinary


TOP 8: LIZA OF A Simple Life (100 ec)
A Simple Life

TOP 9: STING OF Magical milestone

TOP 10: COOLINGSTAR OF cooilingstar (100ec)




foongpc said...


foongpc said...

Hi bluedreamer! I'm FC here! Yay!! Congrats to all the Top Commenters! I'm going to give them a run of their money soon! : )

foongpc said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog! Gosh you have so many blogs, I don't know which one to visit first! : )