Summer Fun

We really had so much fun yesterday as my family and i all went to a Resort to spend our Summer Vacation. It is once in a life time opportunity. We took advantage of the Holy Week to relax and free ourselves from the stress brought to us by our work and studies. Both of my parents are too busy for their work so i guess they just deserve a rest like this. We packed our things the night before our trip. We woke up 5 am in the morning to prepare everything. My mom started to cook our meals for our trip while my sister prepared a breakfast for us while my mom is busy preparing our foods. My dad checked his car to avoid any problems while we're in the middle of our trip. I packed my things and make sure that i didn't forget anything.
After 3 hours of driving, we finally reached our destination. It is a beach resort that has swimming pools inside. We've reserved our cottage and our room because we will stay there over night. We really had so much fun. here i took some photos while i am on my room.
Have a great Summer Everyone! Happy Blogging!

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