Beware of Non-protected Web Hosting

I have a friend who contacted me yesterday stating that her account has been hacked and now, she’s so worried about her important personal information stored in her account. I know most of you are now familiar with the hackers and it is very alerting that their numbers are continuously growing and increasing. I recently had an experience with a friend. I am chatting with her via Yahoo Messenger, then suddenly, a message from her popped up from my screen asking me to click a certain link that is included in her message. I am doubt if I will click it or not but I realized that this friend of mine do not know anything about Links, she don’t even know how to locate a url in an address bar, so I dare not to click the link and visited some forums online to find out what’s going on. My friend and I discovered that her account has been hacked by someone and that hacker is now using her account to send messages to all her online friends that includes a link which is probably a virus or a Malware. Malware is a kind of software that allows a hacker to gain access to your personal account, gathering all your important personal Information. After that incident, I became more aware and more careful. Surprisingly, I found out that even web hosting services can be hacked especially if you’re web hosting service provider is not protected against this suspicious software. Before buying a domain or before availing a web hosting service plan, it would be better to check some reliable web hosting reviews so that you have idea of what are the web hosting provider that you should trust and what are not. To know more about this, you can visit and learn more about web hosting.

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