3 New Art Projects to Come!

Remember the Potato Stamp Art? How About the Popsicle Stick Storage Box? or the “Scratch off Mother’s Day Card“?

Well, My brother and I will be sharing three more project in the next succeeding days.

I will just give you hints so you have an idea what are our future projects.

The first one is made out of plastic cups, Straw and used box.

The second and my biggest project so far, is made out of scrap woods.

And third is another Popsicle art

Will be sharing more soon

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Alice Law said...

Hrm... the 1st one, are you going to make a truck? I'm not sure with the 2nd one, you gave such limited clue... I'd think it's a side table!

The 3rd one looks kind of fishy............... could it be a doll house or photo frame?!

Anyway, please enjoy the crafts with your lil bro and have fun!^-^

Merryn said...

I hope... the 1st will NOT be a robot coz I'll be doing that with ETHAN! :P