How to Make a replica of Avatar's Wind Glider

The film, Avatar: the Last Air Bender would be boring and confusing if the viewer don't have any idea about the anime version of it. And for an Anime fan like us, it is really a big hit and it is nice to see how the cartoon figures are being translated into a live action film.
I am a big Avatar fan so as my brother that is why we made this especial entry. Today we will be making a replica of "Aang's Glider"

We need Red and skyblue colored Papers, 2 sticks (about one meter long),glue and tape

Draw a big semi-circle on the red cartolina and a small one inside too.
Cut the outlines
Put the two sticks together by nailing them. (make it like a "T" form)
Glue the red Cartolina at the back and make a small version of it at the bottom part of the glider
Tadah, we now have a replica of Aang's Wind glider

Make a small arrow shapes using the sky blue colored paper and tape it on the forehead and in both hands too
And there you have it, the replica of the last air bender ^_^

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Alice Law said...

LOL! Very cool, you lil bro really looks like Ang!^-^