How to Make A Shoulder Bag From An Old Pants?

This is the first time that my Sister feature her art project for this site. She will be making a shoulder bag made out of an old pants.

What we need is an old pants, scissors, thread and needles.

Cut the lowest portion of the pants
Flip it and sew it inside so that threads will not be visible outside.

leave the other end open, It will serve as the bag mouth or opening.
cut one of the pants' pocket. Do it carefully and make sure not to damage any of its part.
Sew the pocket on the middle of your bag.

Tadah, you can now use it as a hand bag.
Now, get any lace or even straps from an old bag.
sew the strap on both ends. This will serve as the handle.

Tadah, here's our finish product.
Thanks Mira for sharing this project to us.

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Alice Law said...

This is very nice, I love "reuse, reduce, and recycle" stuff!^-^