Making a Small Drafting Table for Kids (Part 1)

Before we start with this project, we have to sketch first our plan.

I have here a piece of wood from our old Computer desk.

Scrap woods (excess from the recently done house renovation)

Now, let's begin. Since we have the materials already and we're done planning the drafting table, we have to cut now the wood in our desired size.

First, we have to cut down the legs of our table. Cut two pieces of wood and make a slant cut on one end of each wood (more or less 30 degree)

Cut again 2 pieces of wood with a height smaller than the first pair.

Just make sure you cut it smoothly and angled it correctly.

Using a long piece of wood. (about 24 -26 inches). Connect the two legs using nails of course.

Do the same thing to the other (smaller) pair
Here's how it looks like
Now connect the two pairs of legs by placing a wood on each side.

Now cut a small piece of plywood and nail it at the bottom.
Here's our top view.

Also place a small wood at the back of the longer legs to serve as "brace"

Will post the continuation in my next entry

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