Toy Robot

Finally, we head down to our last project for this month. Tadah! It's a Toy Robot and Milzon named him Max.

To start, we need 2 empty boxes, 4 styro cups, 2 ice cream plastic cups, 2 bottle caps, 2 medicine bottle caps, copper wire, popsicle stick, rectangular plastic container, 4 tanzans, poster paints.

Paint the boxes first.

Set aside the boxes and get the 4 tanzans. Make a hole in each tanzan.

Insert the copper wire and lock it.

Then put it inside the styro box. The other end of the copper wire should be placed outside. Since this is a styro, it would be easy to make a hole out of it but just do it carefully.

Then insert the copper wire on the side of the huge box.

Then lock it inside the box using another tanzan.

Do the same procedure on the other arm.

Flip it up and glue the legs .

Should look like this.

Now attach the head.(the smaller box)

Paint the rectangular container with white poster paint.

Then paint the side with blue.

Attach it on the mid part.

Paint the arms and legs.

Place the other details.

Tadah! We're done!

Arms are movable.

Max will be included on my upcoming new Our Little Corners header. Watch out for it.

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Alice Law said...

Another resourceful project that kids would love for life!^-^