Storage Gift Box

This project was actually featured AT Merryn's Crafty Crafted site a long long time ago but i failed to feature the step by step illustration here in my blog.

We're making a Storage Gift Box out of Popsicle Sticks. To start, we need popsicle sticks, laces, cutter, paint and glue.

Just layout the popsicle sticks like this

Cut both tips of each craft sticks using cutter.

Then attach them all using a pair popsicle sticks placed horizontally on top of the craft sticks

Make four.

Glue each corner and form a box.

Put a Popsicle at the bottom part. This will hold our base.

Now place the base

Make a cover

paint the box and add some details

Tadah! You can make one as your Valentine's day gift too!

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Alice Law said...

This is beautiful, I remember Merryn posted something similar on your behalf some times ago right?!^-^