Our Mini Christmas Tree

This is the second to the last project for this month. We will make a miniature Christmas tree from Aluminum foil cylindrical card board and crepe paper.

We need Green Crepe paper, Empty Aluminum foil cylinder card board, plastic cap, glue gun, card board.

Cover the Aluminum foil card board with green crepe paper.

Glue gun it on a plastic cap (should be wide enough to support our Christmas tree.

Cut a small piece of Cardboard and cut the half part into strips.

Glue it around the mid-upper part of the Cylinder.

Cut another piece of card board and do the same process as the first one. (Make the strips longer than the first one.

Now glue it about 2 1/2 to 3 inches away from the first one

Then make another one longer than the second one and glue it on the lower portion of the tree.

For the tip, cut a circle and make a cone out of it. Cut the lower portion into strips.

You should end up something like this.

Now draw Three kinds of leaves on the crepe. They should be Small, medium and large in size. Fold the crepe paper many times to produce many leaves in one cut.

Now start pasting the leaves on each strips. The Small leaves should go with the small strips. Same thing goes with the medium and large leaves.

Now here's the finish product!

Add more layers if you want.

Now add more details to make this tree more colorful.

You can make this as your mini garlands.

Twist it around the tree and there you have it!

A Miniature Christmas Tree

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