Parental Control and Responsible Surfing

Internet is such a huge world to explore but this could not be really safe especially for our kids. This is the reason why i am advising everyone to be more responsible on how they search the web or how they use their personal computers. Pornography sites are just one click away and your kids might accidentally land on their pages before your knew it. I am really impressed with GMA Network's newest online campaign entitled "Think Before You Click" that aims to give awareness to everyone that every click we made on the web has a great impact to someone. Whether it is a form or cyber bullying or the free access to thousands of porn sites, each of these might affect the internet user mentally , emotionally and spiritually.
But of course we cannot monitor our kids everyday and to check them every now and then. Whether they are not intending to visit a certain brazzer site or a website dedicated to provide some brazzer review or any related porn xchange sites.We have to be very responsible about this or else it's too late for us to erase such images from their curious and innocent minds.
I guess the best way to protect them from accessing adult sites or any websites that may affect the way they think, is to activate or install a parental control software on your PC. The Parental Control feature in your antivirus product lets you surf the Web, blocking access to Web pages with violent, racist or similarly inappropriate content.
This is very ideal if your kids own a computer or if you let them use your laptop for awhile. This will give them some sort of restriction to access some offensive sites. Well I am nothing against watching porn, i know the fact that most people, especially men, used to visit such sites for entertainment purposes but it's just that we have to do it in private and we should be very responsible with our actions.

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