How To Make Recycled Toy Race Car

Recycling is good and something that we must encouraged to our kids. Today we are sharing you how to make a Toy Car out of different used materials. Instead of throwing them, why not making them more useful right?

To Start our project , we need the following

  • Disposable Caps
  • Huge Straw (2 pcs)
  • Cardboard (used)
  • White Bond Paper 
  • A pair of barbecue stick
  • Laces
  • Glue gun and glue sticks
  • Masking tape
Outline four Circles on the cardboard using the disposable cap
Cut them and set them aside first.

Create a hole at the side of the disposable cap making it possible for our straw to pass through from one side to another

Do the same thing to the other cap

Connect the mouth of the two caps using a masking tape

Cover it with a white card board and serve it as your car's chasis

Make your own design for your race car and after doing so, set it aside first.

Get the cardboard circles you cut awhile ago. And now using a stick, create a hole at the center of each circled card board
Do the same thing with other circles. Using the glue gun, put the lace around the circle.

 Do the same thing with other three and this will serve as our wheels.
Connect the wheels using a barbeque sticks and lock them the tape. Just put the stick inside the straw and connect the wheels on both sides.

Tadah! You got a Toy Race Car

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